Zinc flake coating systems - Introduction
Alternative to zinc or zinc alloy plating
Zinc flake coating is a method to deposit electroless a cathodic protecting layer. Additional top coats increase the performance.

The zinc flake coating has significantly increased its market share in recent years, in particular by applications on fastening systems.

  approx. 70% of the fastening elements in North America
  approx. 50% of the fastening elements in Europe
  approx. 30% of the fastening elements in Asia

And still growing!

The trend to high strength steel requires suitable layer systems, which causes no stress corrosion by hydrogen embrittlement.

Zinc Flake Technology – For Highest Corrosion Resistance
Environmentally Responsible Corrosion Protection

Zinc flake technology provides a high grade of corrosion protection using combinations of specialized base and top coats. Largely embraced by the fastener industry such coatings find widespread use within a variety of applications. The spectrum is versatile: Ranging from fasteners, hose clamps, clips, or brake discs for the automotive industry, special fasteners in the wind power and construction industry to fasteners and fittings for furniture.

For different applications Atotech offers a comprehensive range of processes including silver and black base coats, organic and inorganic top coats as well as a large variety of lubricants. The finishes are completely Cr(VI)-free and fulfill global automotive requirements. Applied by dip spin, dip drain or spray technology, hydrogen embrittlement is irrelevant. Atotech provides a full package of outstanding zinc flake products with best technical service worldwide and leading edge coating equipment.

Features and Benefits
  Excellent corrosion protection completely Cr(VI)-free
  No hydrogen embrittlement occurring
  Approved by OEMs and Tier 1s worldwide
  Leading dip spin application technology
  High temperature and chemical resistance with inorganic top coat
  Fully black finish with excellent corrosion resistance

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