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Zinc Flake Coating Systems

Top Coats

  Atotech’s top coats can be combined with zink flake base coats as well as electroplated zinc alloy forming multifunctional coatings.

  The Techseal® product line provides organic top coats with highest chemical resistance, uniform appearance as well as increased corrosion protection with defined friction values.

  Zintek® Top is a reactive, inorganic silicate based top coat developed for application on Zintek® base coats. After curing the layer thickness is < 1 µm with a good barrier effect against oxygen.

Multifunctional properties:
  Increased corrosion resistance
  Adjustment of defined friction values
  Excellent adhesion
  Available in different colors
  Increased scratch resistance
  Very good chemical resistance
  Different colors for easy identification available

Application services available from

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